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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
What if, many long months and years ago, perhaps, even, as the old Soviet Union was collapsing, a small group of extremely wealthy radical Wahabi decided to buy up hundreds of suddenly unemployed economists, scientists and military specialists to develop a specific long-term plan to ham-string a giant on the ground in an expensively distant country?
These jeweled and enrobed effetes could safely assume their particular enemies within the Great Satan could be predictably Trojan horsed with cheap 3rd world labor.
Certainly, the Wahabi would think, no one could ever imagine these weak leaders resorting to their ultimate arsenal.
Two separate and disturbing news articles point toward the possible battlefield deployment of increasingly lethal tactics and, most disturbingly, an unknown weapon of tremendous potency.
In this Los Angeles Times story on portable missiles, I see no sense in a United States Army Brigadier General’s apparent conclusion that “the [Iraqi] resistance has become more sophisticated”.
Is it sophistication? Or, is it the gradual ratcheting of somebody’s plan?
Certainly the Hawala system is a clear proof that appearances can be deceiving and sophistication isn’t only reserved for technical elites
As the euphemisms for an escalating ground war proceed, so does the Bush Iraqification that gradually replaces US soldiers with quickly trained, reassuringly "background checked" and lower paid Iraqis.
Now, the shocking development that prompted my lead graph Wahabi reverie, in a November 2nd Army Times story reprinted, with photos, on the excellent

Shortly before dawn on Aug. 28, an M1A1 Abrams tank on routine patrol in Baghdad "was hit by something" that crippled the 69-ton behemoth.
Army officials still are puzzling over what that "something" was…According to an unclassified Army report; the mystery projectile punched through the vehicle's skirt and drilled a pencil-sized hole through the hull. The hole was so small that "my little finger will not go into it," the report’s author noted...

It seems clear that a penetrator of a yellow molten metal is what caused the damage…Whatever penetrated the tank created enough heat inside the hull to activate the vehicle's Halon firefighting gear, which probably prevented more serious injuries to the crew.

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