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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Did I just see Air Force One?

Gulfstream 5.


The Washington Post, this morning, reports British Airways denies this exciting element of the President's faux hair-raising and expensively secure quickie secret trip to the Baghdad Airport.
According to Honor Verrier, a spokeswoman for British Airways:

We have spoken to the British Airways captains who were in the area at the time and neither made comments to Air Force One nor did they hear any other aircraft make the statement over the radio.

This administration loves to sweeten the pot with little fibs, big fibs and middling fibs.
Why did the White House Press Office make this complete fabrication a part of the official story of the secret Thanksgiving trip?
Why bother? Wasn't the decoder ring quality of the trip excitement enough?
We live in, to say the very least, amazing times.

Images: British Airways, Boeing
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