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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
I just posted this on the hardball politics topic in an Eschaton Comment area and thought, heck, I'll republish this guy 'cause he's got it goin on. ;-)

Why are we always reacting?
I admit letters, in volume, are great tools for scaring local affiliates, politicians and media sponsors.
The hive mind of big media, with the failed remnants of a multitude of fanciful and real marketing venues, is fairly well insulated from caring.
From days of doing old PBS pledge breaks, I know that if, on the tube, you show a phone number and repeatedly say "Call this number now" people will begin to call.
Herd mentality in an age of Mad Cows.
Even Einstein would be affected, moo.
If, during these pledge breaks, we played a tape of phones ringing there would be a spike in real phone calls.
We can't help it. Say it often enough and it just becomes a fact in our minds even if we cannot articulate the concept.
Rethugs never miss a beat in this arena or, rather, (smirk) pasture...chalk it up to oppo, Karl, corporate-media or whatever.
Big TV Dems are always dropping or softening the ball and one has to think that these blanks lie in areas of surprising bi-partisan consanguinity.
The fake pre-Christmas Osama hubbub with Gov. Dean is a good example.
To remove Bush we need to focus on a political animal I'm encountering with greater frequency, the Republican swing voter.
These fine people are often as upset as we are but lack the reassuring herd feeling from a media drumbeat to ease their truer convictions.
Big media just has too much at stake to lessen the pro-Bush noise.
The blog world will have to generate 2 or 3 times the noise.
If big Dems on TV won't carry the memes then the candidate’s organization must ask more entertainers and other public figures to carry some meme-laden water.
Where is the feminist outrage over Neil Bush's freebie use of young Asian prostitutes?
These girls usually see less than $5 US per john. Surely Neilie, flush with Chinese cash and Mexican laborers for his pricey Americans, could tip?
Big Dems are going to have to get their wing tips muddy if they want to regain power.
Big media, of course, will squeal.
Ignore it. It's over, toast, finito...a Pullman coach slowly leaving the station.
Laugh at it, of course, as it splashes into all our living rooms, but ultimately leave it alone and keep our drumbeat strong and unwavering.
And why do "they" fight so hard? Cause for so many like big oil and old media this compliant administration is their last shot at maintaining their particular status quo. They fight as hard as most Americans would were they not fed calming doses of spinified soma.

Photos: NASA, Albert Einstein Online
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