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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

From the nefarious mud of politics, America’s media, occasionally today, considers a more celestial substance.
This morning’s creepily alien photo of Martian mud may have piqued the increased interest of exobiologists but my thoughts drifted toward pottery and how space mud might dry and fire.
Unless beaten to the ceramic punch by an alien past, will human hands, someday, fire a Martian pottery to a deep glossy burgundy or a textured matte pink?
Will this mud or “strangely cohesive…weird stuff”, as Dr. Steve Squyres principal investigator for Spirit's science package calls it, contain some interesting discoveries in the serendipitous tradition of great science?
Stay tuned, as only (wink) time will tell.

From 4th planet mud my eyes, and the eyes of many in the metropolitan Cincinnati area, were drawn toward Terran skies and news of a CVG-bound fighter jet-escorted Delta flight from Paris.
With the local media chattering and fire and emergency services scrambling, the event, which kept plugged-in citizens anxious for several hours, evolved into a very expensive “never mind” for the establishment Bush country on both sides of the Ohio River.
People here, naturally, wonder why the anxiety, prompted by news of the fighter escort, was created after a possible offender and their luggage had been removed in France.
Local media quoted some of the 181 passengers saying the last 90 minutes of the flight were “very tense”.
TSA’s tardy and bland pronouncements didn’t reassure or inform as news crossed the Internet that deGaulle's security-defenestrated woman had rebooked her flight to Cincinnati.
It will be interesting to observe how this plays with the natives.

Photos: NASA, WCPO
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