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Thursday, January 15, 2004

An open letter to New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd:

Ms. Dowd,
First, let me say I've read the Times all my life and I still find many fine stories in your paper.
I love your photo and can only imagine the drab media slattern your hack offerings suggest you, contrary to your sexy photo, really are.
While certainly not exclusive to your glamorous and certainly surgically altered self, I love the constantly changing media primness used to scold people, candidates and issues not involved with the corporate domination agenda you so obviously shill for.
Many Americans are thankful that so many gazillionaire repundits, like your kitty-faced self, are sharpening their focus and claws on the pressing issues of Doctor Dean's home carpet and General Clark's use of argyle in woolens.
You in the media seem to be somewhat wool-focused in your woolgathering as you have been most emphatically for the past 7 years.
Having worked for the Washington Post Company, Gannett, the Federal government, ARD (German TV network), the Detroit Evening News, Multimedia, the Cincinnati Enquirer, Avco and the Greater Cincinnati Educational Television Foundation covering 30 pre Monica years in print and television I am in a fairly good position to judge the how's, why's and what's of the information and alleged information that passes before my eyes.
I love to regale people here at home with true eyewitnessed unsavory memories of some of your currently active ilk and sadly I have none to share of you except these pen droppings of yours that so regularly soil the NYT pages.
In my conversational News Tips for Regular People, I urge fellow citizens to listen or watch for certain words such as, perhaps, might, if and maybe.
I explain how these qualifiers taint the information and shape unsavory concepts that are then reinforced by the right-wing echo chamber dominating radio and TV talk.
I urge those with computers to read Bob Somerby and the blogs, including my own.
If I have a regret as a former broadcaster it would be the use of promotional campaigns to advance the ratings of anchor teams.
From the end of the 1960's these, what we thought were harmless promotional commercials, programmed America to trust and love the people who presented the then uncompromised news.
Though many perceive the slightly veiled corporate agenda driving today's media many do not.
I want to thank you and your mates for utilizing attacks so similar to those used against Vice President Gore.
I guess it is hard to push even your envelope within the corporate media's Confederacy of Mediocrity and I'm glad it appears you haven't even tried.
You, my little dear, are a sad disgrace to the concept of journalism but, by your artless craft, you are a hero to those of us working for the eventual triumph of Truth.
I look forward to future carpet reports.
Most Sincerely...

The Smoking Gun has looked at The Donald's returns.
It seems the gazillionare hasn't given one penny to September 11-related charities.
Henna must be getting expensive.

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