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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Whoa, fellas!

As the planet explodes with former US Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill's uncomfortable revelations and administration retaliation, a fresh post on

The truth is, I didn't take any documents at all," O'Neill told NBC television early Tuesday..."I called the chief legal officer at the Treasury Department, the general counsel, and said to him, 'I'd like to have the documents that are OK for me to have.'
"And about three weeks later, the general counsel ... sent me a couple of CDs which I, frankly, never opened. I gave them to Ron believing, as I do, if you're going to trust someone, you need to trust them completely. So I gave Ron the CDs," he said.
Under law, the general counsel is "not supposed to send me anything that isn't unclassified," O'Neill said. "And so, if there's anything in that file that's (not) unclassified, the general counsel failed to be sure that everything was clear."

Photo: AP
Seal: US Treasury

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