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Monday, February 02, 2004
I haven’t posted for a few days.
I just had to push away from the computer.
I’m sick of the endless and pointless babble.
I’m fatigued by all things Bush.

The sensory overload resulting from all the ’tainments, dis, info and enter, is numbing.
Last evening’s personally unwatched Super Bowl, normally a foul celebration of crass excess and mixed messages, apparently ascended to new heights of pornographic commoditization and corporate irresponsibility.
This year’s Satyricon-like battle of liquor and erectile dysfunction sponsored ‘roid monsters has seemingly been tainted by the accidental half time unveiling of a surgically altered allegedly female breast by an androgynous boy singer.
Not really, just an acceleration of the wildly mixed messages so prevalent and so conducive to misdirection in America’s purposely-tainted media.
Will our pundit corps turn its gaze from Kerry’s Botox and Howard’s anger to, however briefly engage in prudish tut-tuttery?
Or, considering the tastes of their corporate owners, will pundits and opinion-makers soon sport Janet-inspired booby jewelry and, where gender appropriate, little pundit stiffies?
Will born-again sin again?
Stay tuned.

Photo: Reuters
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