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Monday, April 12, 2004

Mona Lisa Mask

The Art Newspaper, in a report with today’s date, says that the Treasure of Nimrud ivories continue to fragment and suffer mold growth from imperfect and incomplete drying after their submersion in sewage water during the Iraq War.
The article, interestingly, details one of these unique and endangered ancient artifacts:

Among the ivory treasures dating from the eighth and ninth centuries BC is the famed “Mona Lisa” mask, discovered by Max Mallowan in 1951 in the North-West Palace of the Assyrian kings. He was accompanied by his wife, Agatha Christie, who cleaned the Nimrud Ivories, using face lotion.

Meanwhile a moldy artifact of another sort was photographed while visiting family in Crawford, Texas yesterday.

And War Leader, leaving Crawford this morning, appears to be courting the metrosexual vote with his insouciant farewell kiss to the assembled Crawfordopolitans.

Late Saturday the White House changed the information the Associated Press was reporting early Saturday morning about the President’s weekend fishing schedule.
The White House now says the President taped the cable TV fishing segment Friday and cancelled the Saturday session in favor of a hastily assembled Iraq briefing.
My friend Bob Somerby examines this under reported fish story.
Scroll down to Moscow on the Bass Pond.
The Smoking Gun is offering copies of the August 6, 2001 PDB, the July 2001 FBI Memo by Kenneth Williams and the May 1998 Memo from the Oklahoma FBI office.

Photos:, Reuters
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