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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Photo taken August 6, 2001

Dana Milbank and Mike Allen, this morning, refresh memories with items from President Bush’s carefree and golf and fund raiser-packed August 2001 vacation:

President Bush was in an expansive mood on Aug. 7, 2001…he seemed carefree …On Aug. 23, Bush…volunteered his afternoon schedule: a meeting with Rice, a phone call to the Argentine president, lunch with the first lady, a visit with the family pets, a call to his personnel office and a lesson on trees. "We've got a horticulturist coming out from Texas A&M to help us identify the hardwood trees on our beautiful place," he said.

On the 24th, according to the Washington Post, Condi Rice and Karen Hughes:

"Briefed" him on the Chandra Levy matter.

Photo: Associated Press

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