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Saturday, April 17, 2004

A reread of the WP report on Woodstein’s latest revealed this curious bit:

Bush agreed, and later referred to the Camp David session with Blair as "the cojones meeting," using a colloquial Spanish term for courage.

Isn’t the word colloquial Spanish for testes?
Attention all you dainty sissies at the Post, these cojones are not just any testes but giant hairy huevos befitting a hombre oozing mas macho.
God forbid Miss Woodstein could get a shiver!
Thanks to the internet, individual citizens of the world can now test (or teste) the size of one’s personal cojones by taking’s interactive Cojones Test.
Buenos Suerte!

Kerry, yesterday, in Pittsburgh

From the Los Angeles Times, Senator John F. Kerry speaking to more than 10,000 people attending a rally at the University of Pittsburgh:

Well, I'll tell you something: The political bombs may be bursting in air today around us as they try to distort the truth, but when I look up, that flag is still there...And it belongs to all of Americans, not to them … it belongs to us.


Watch the very effective Mistakes Were Made video from the DNC.
The video is available for Windows Media and Real Player.
A less dramatic transcript is also available from the on target folks at the DNC.

Reflecting on yesterday’s post, I’m still befuddled that the Pottery Barn web site doesn’t contain one image of pottery or, for that matter, any pottery for sale.
The PB has towels, lamps, crystal, candles and lawn furniture but not one speck of fired ceramic.
It smacks of a hamburgerless Hamburger Hamlet and a nukeless Iraq!
I’m aghast!

Images: Sean, Reuters, DNC
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