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Sunday, May 16, 2004

I just had to shut down the toob last week.
Too ugly and way too brutal.
I fled to the garden and, in a manner currently presidential, only took brief furtive peeks at poor sad Rummy’s frantic transcontinental tap dance, the infamous beheading and various portions of C-SPAN’s programming.
In fact, I must be somewhat light-headed for I’ve found myself actually agreeing with Senator Lindsey Graham and hoping for a John McCain vice-presidency.
This coming week, as Seymour Hersh unveils Operation Copper Green, Rummy will, no doubt, add a fact-blurring sausage-curl wig and patent leathers to an act that should, by rights, include another still-obscured intelligence-hungry principal.
I’ve been struck, even with my limited media exposure, by the avalanche of salacious and curiously sourced material flooding the right wing media aimed at destroying the enlisted soldiers ensnared in the Torture scandal.
Elements of these “leaks” have further reinforced my firm belief that the enlisted soldiers were rather skillfully molded or abused into their digitally recorded behavior by a skilled and seriously perverted psychological controller.
Oddly, in the bushian world of conspiracy theories and post September 11 paranoia, ideas of sexual humiliation similar to Abu Ghraib have, on the Internet, been associated with top Bush officials for many years, just Google “Cheney” and “sex slave”.

Photos: Reuters, MSNBC, Sean

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