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Monday, May 10, 2004

Stoke the fires, alert the timpanist and cue the billowing clouds of green smoke for the great and powerful man behind the curtain has ascended, after only a week or so of screaming global headlines, from his comfortable undisclosed rearguard location, to focus flying monkey outrage and the occasional RNC blastfax, as usual, on a diversion:

Don Rumsfeld is the best secretary of defense the United States has ever had…People ought to get off his case and let him do his job.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
Dick says that Rummy’s the best and, by gosh, that should be good enough for the rest of you worthless and likely deviant drags on the global economy, so there.
Reports that I have seen did not indicate if the Vice President then crossed his eyes, stuck out his tongue or waggled fingers from his ears as his intemperate knee-jerk tone suggests.
From many years prior experience with the schoolyard bully type, I have to wonder if the bloodless chief architects of the Iraq diversion have, even yet, realized the utter futility of their present corner-painted position.
Crimes directly resulting from inept statecraft so gross as to make the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors” seem inadequate are, still, easily glossed and pigeon-holed by the draft-dodging corporate elitist Dungeon Master several, for now, hidden removes from the rubber-gloved action.
The powers, as indirectly indicated by the Vice President’s late Saturday evening statement, are still furiously battling to force a handful of, I think purposefully scapegoated, enlisted to take the torture fall.
As the enlisted families are now or will soon discover, games within games, a need to know basis and plausible deniability all once guaranteed an invisibility no longer digitally tenable for politician or bureaucrat.
Was it just the poor Iraqis who were gamed or could our once proud young soldiers, too, have been sold down a river of purposely-tainted training and command?
It all seems so very Enron and a part of a standard modus operandi; innocents left holding a stinking bag.
Except, this time, the innocents had digital cameras.
I emphatically urge the families to stand their ground.

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Modified Image: South Park, Reuters

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