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Wednesday, May 05, 2004
With the news that Disney corporate is forbidding the distribution of the film Fahrenheit 911, I had an urge to write a mouse muckety-muck.

Graphic on corporate homepage

The laughably dense and corporate Disney Website is, of course, graphically quite nice.
In fact characters such as Minnie, coquettishly sitting atop a Bauhaus header, seem to knowingly wink.
Before posting this I was on a no luck hunt for a corporate email address.
While the Disney Website claims:

The whole site is at your fingertips!

I found it confusing and artful in its misdirection.
And, considering today’s Michael Moore controversy, all America, online and off, can clearly see how an American multinational conglomerate has evolved out of its American character.
Finally, after numerous sound effects and attempts to load plug-ins, I landed on the corporate homepage.
After a few pages it became clear.
Only members of the press can email the few low level public relations employees listed with any hope of a reply.
Regular people I soon see, in this corporate pit of our way interactivity, are hyperlinked to a page offering a snail mail address and Mickey ironically drawn in the cruciform of modern corporate openness.
Still I know that Minnie and Mickey, had the cartoon offspring of old pioneer winger Walt inherited with Roy, would have more courage than that shown in the present corporate kowtow to imperial Tallahassee.
No sireee, boys and girls!
Always remember the imperial clique now running America only appreciate what they term good news and, oh yes how could I have forgotten, lots and lots of tax breaks.
Walt liked the idea that a mouse started it all but I know he would cringe to see the craven blue-suited and French-cuffed mice now running the global show.

Read this morning's buried Washington Post mention of the Moore story and understand that
I did my exasperated email-writing harrumph when I read this:

Mr. Eisner expressed concern that it would endanger tax breaks Disney receives for its theme park, hotels and other ventures in Florida, where Mr. Bush's brother, Jeb, is governor.

Image: Walt Disney Company

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