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Thursday, June 17, 2004
Outa Outa Site

The Vice President is joined by his bunker companion, the Grey ambassador to Earth, at Tuesday's impromptu Site R presser.

Vice President-Ambassador Grblzxxxtzxt has indicated his willingness to enhance the Coalition of the Willing into something more domestically effective in a time relative sense.
Ambassador-(telepathically) Resistance is futile.

(Gasps and expressions of shock)

Question-Mr. Vice President, has the ambassador been of any additional assistance in the War on Terra?
Vice President-Let’s just say hypnotic mind control inhibits my ability to be completely frank, eh Mr. Ambassador?
Ambassador-(telepathically) The most amusing Vice President thinks like one of us. Is that not so?
Vice President-We share a surprising consanguinity with regard to rectal probes, surreptitious entry and Iraq/alQuaeda issues.
Ambassador-(telepathically) Resistance is futile as the Niger Embassy staff in Rome can attest.

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