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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Outa Site

Vice President Cheney holds an impromptu presser at Site R

Time Magazine, this week, reviews James Bamford’s new book, A Pretext for War.
While major media seems to have focused upon the sexy disclosure of Site R, Dick Cheney’s not-so-sexy undisclosed location in the Pennsylvania/Maryland countryside, I was drawn to a clue suggesting our fresh-faced neocon players were led down another rose-strew garden path by an additional snoop dog of envelope-pushing global play:

Douglas Feith, a senior Pentagon official, set up several secret offices in the Pentagon that received data from Israel's own intelligence teams and coordinated its findings with them, partly as a way to get around CIA caution in the region. Bamford reveals that the original source of the spurious allegation that Saddam harbored "mobile biological-weapons labs" did not come from the brother of a top aide to Ahmad Chalabi whose code name was Curveball, but from an Israeli tip going back to 1994.

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