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Monday, August 23, 2004
Bob Picks A Bone

Disgraced prescription drug abuse enabler and failed Republican elder statesman Bob Dole has joined in the Swift Boat Smear with a disgusting attack upon the severity of Senator Kerry's Vietnam injuries.
The former Senate Republican leader surely knows his arm-twisted hair-splitting adds a stain, possibly darker than his lucrative Viagra endorsements, to the concluding years of a long public career.
As bone-enhanced Bob limply told CNN's Late Edition:

Not every one of these people can be Republican liars.

Oh, Bobbie, Bobbie, yes they can.
A clever reworking of the “Are you going to believe your lying eyes” gambit along with a generous dose of compliant faux-baffled media and, presto, another thought-clogging generational puff of dirty Bush chaff and smoke similar to Dukakis in '88, McCain in 2000 and Cleland in 2002.
Later in Wolf’s interview, as Bob metabolized his meds, he managed a brief glimmer of rationality:

Even though they didn't get a bounce in the convention, you know, people got to know John Kerry. I think most people liked what they saw. There's a little backlash now because of all the Vietnam thing. But he's probably ahead.

Careful Mr. Elizabeth, that slight off-message bit could provoke Karl to revisit some of your preliminary WWII “scratches”.
Atrios excerpts vintage August 1976 Dole, as quoted in the Gray Lady:

Today, we have those who would signal weakness and generate strife by declaring that those who served this nation in her armed forces deserve no greater consideration than those who turned their backs and scurried away.

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