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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

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Tabloid Twin Update

Momma don't let yer babies grow-up to date Bush girls!

Those church-going Bush girls continue to inhabit the tabloids with tales of their various near occasions of sin.
This morning the New York Daily News reports a dishy profile of Twinkle and Turquoise (Secret Service codenames) will appear in an upcoming edition of New York magazine.

Is it too much to hope for a special convention week edition?
Yahoo Financial News reports the "special convention issue" arrived on newstands this morning. The story doesn't appear to be online.

Anyway, the Daily News reports:

The President's rambunctious twin daughters have been carousing all over Manhattan in recent months - knocking back tequila shots and closing down clubs with some of the city's richest kids.

The story also confirms information presented on Wonkette by a young female Washington, DC club hostess that the girls favorite pickup line is:

"My daddy's the President," Jenna explained to general befuddlement.

Lets hope the girls get in sync with the family tradition of faking health, fitness and national service.
So far, it’s looking as though some vague half-formed idea of Texas community service and morning (shudder!) wake-up calls could soon loom in the pair’s future.

Images: mata Getty, Girls Gone Wild

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