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Friday, September 03, 2004

From Tom Shales in the Washington Post:

Bush still has problems maintaining poise. Twice, when cheers from the crowd were interrupted by jeers from a protester -- each of whom was quickly hustled out of the hall by security guards and police -- Bush looked flustered, even frightened, though he did keep reading from the prompting devices encircling him. Ronald Reagan in the same situation would have responded with a quip and dismissed the protesters with a tolerant smile. Bush clung carefully to his text, his eyes darting anxiously around the hall.

First among cowards...


My irregular, this summer, postings will intensify in irregularity for the next few weeks.

Photos: Reuters

Sean, are you from Kentucky?
Sean is not from Kentucky. He is from "I Hate Bushville".

Nice blogsite, Sean. Did your Mommy come up with the idea or did you do it by yourself?

BTW...I alway thought the name Sean was spelled L*O*S*E*R.
Wonderful! What a terrific insane rightwinger made my day as you make my points for me! Thanks!
PS-Duh, why do you post a September 14, 2006 comment on a 2004 post? Are you high or something???
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