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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The 388,000 plus citizens inhabiting Kentucky’s four northernmost counties who had to compete last Friday morning for 800 available doses (200 per county) of Flu vaccine should be justifiably angry by a story in this morning’s Washington Post headlined “No Flu Vaccine Shortage at Capitol”.
Yes those 535 fabulous “leaders” who were too busy sitting on their hands before September 11th, giving themselves late Friday night pay increases and, generally, dithering while America burns apparently are swamped with flu vaccine as the Post reports thousands of dispensed vaccine doses:

While many Americans search in vain for flu shots, members and employees of Congress are able to obtain them quickly and at no charge…Even if they are young and healthy…Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (Tenn.), a heart surgeon, sent letters urging his 99 colleagues to get the shots because they mingle and shake hands with so many people…The practice appears to directly contravene the instruction being given by the government's executive branch.

I’m sure (wink, wink) no one is directly responsible for this but, I dare say, a yet to be appointed Presidential Commission will waste several million dollars going through the motions of generating some type of investigation that will, of course, be kept super duper decoder-ring secret.
Hey, it’s great and healthy to be a member of the Imperial elite, so go suck undosed eggs all you ordinary schmucks!

Images: AP

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