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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
As the ill-fated Bunning bus tour enters its second day, I was amused by this unfortunately small image from the Louisville Courier-Journal.

The shadow-frightened 73-year-old and his equally nervous artistic wife seems to have found, as the photo shows, some small comfort from those able companions of the “little green men” the infamous Men in Black or, as the Senator calls them, "strangers among us"...
Since Kentucky’s hot-tempered junior Senator is drawing fewer than 100 citizens to his various stops our Senator’s putative Men in Black, in lieu of state troopers, should find the maintenance of the frightened Bunnings’ security and composure a fairly simple task unless, of course, one of those citizens asks an unscripted question.
Live long and prosper, you dark-clad alien protectors!

On the corrupt and semi-corrupt major media front, I was compelled, following a lengthy morning bed dawdle (I found last evening’s campaigning to be, as our President says, "hard work"), this fine morning to dash off a quick note to New York Times Public Editor Daniel Okrent (

Mr. Okrent,
I will try to write carefully as I know how sensitive you, like all the "major" media, are to fact, I'm slowly whispering these words.
Let's start off on a positive note...Your newspaper’s science reporting is excellent, your new media efforts along with your photography are superb and in keeping with what a major US daily should be and, of course, I'm a major fan of Mr. Krugman and Mr. Rich.
I wish your successful departments could rub off onto some of your more troubled subdivisions, but in my experience, bad only rubs off onto good and not the reverse.
Like a gardener with a mold-infected plant, serious pruning is required to return the Times and its spore-encrusted motto to a healthy state.
Obviously, the sexually rapacious Judy Miller's corrupted reporting has greatly harmed your paper and, equally obviously, the less said about Maureen Dowd's politically inept befuddlings the better.
I write, today, about this morning's embarrassing and onanistic David Brooks OpEd puddle.
Unintentionally, I am sure, the thick-fingered Mr. Brooks provides an excruciating window into the empty soul of modern American punditry.
I think, Mr. Okrent, that dear, dear David is making a quietly indirect, albeit public, plea for help.
Couldn't you and a few other hefty Times staffers perform an intervention before David, again, lifts his expensive Cross pen and further shames your paper and American journalism?
With sincere best wishes,
Sean Malloy

Images: Louisville Courier-Journal, New York Times

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