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Friday, October 29, 2004
Dan Responds & Jim Quibbles

This morning’s Louisville Courier-Journal reports Democratic Senate candidate Dr. Daniel Mongiardo responding to the increasingly confused slurs oozing from the Bunning campaign:

Mongiardo said that he is not gay and that Bunning must make sure people campaigning with him conduct themselves appropriately. "By him being on stage while they were saying these outrageous things, he approved them," said Mongiardo, adding that the remarks are "appalling and un-Christian. These are the despicable acts of a desperate senator who is dangerously out of touch with reality”… Bunning denied responsibility for the comments. "I think you should go to Sen. Tori and Sen. Williams and ask them about the appropriateness of them. I didn't make the comments…

[State Senator Elizabeth] Tori said she had "no regrets" about making the comment. "It's an ambiguous statement, I acknowledge that. People can take it however they want to…Women are weaker and more fragile than men," Tori said. "So we like to look up to a man who is strong and a forceful leader”…[State Senator and Kentucky Senate President David] Williams, told crowds in Western Kentucky while campaigning with Bunning that Mongiardo is "limp-wristed" and a political "switch-hitter”… "I have absolutely never made any statements concerning his sexual orientation or his sexual practices. I made some baseball statements concerning him being a switch-hitter.”

The Courier-Journal, in an excellent report, goes on to detail Williams’ quibbling over various dictionary definitions of the term “limp wrist”.
The news account, of course, makes no mention of the rumors sweeping Bunning’s hometown of Fort Thomas, in the northern tip of the state, that, if elected, the 73-year-old Senator would step down within two months of taking office thus allowing Republican Governor Ernie Fletcher to, unchecked by popular will, appoint anyone to the 6 year term.
The C-J does quote 73-year-old former Democratic Governor and current State Senate candidate Julian Carroll who appeared last evening with Mongiardo in the state capitol of Frankfort:

"Sen. Bunning, are you in the early stages of dementia? Are you? Stand up and tell the people of Kentucky the truth.”

Photos: Louisville Courier-Journal, Kentucky State Legislature

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