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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Eluding this morning’s mainstream media are any questions dealing with last evening unusual television camera behavior.
Several savvy C-SPAN callers, however, wondered why the debate’s television director photographed President Bush in a way to make him appear larger than Senator Kerry.
Was this difference in focal length the result of a last minute negotiation between the political parties and the Commission on Presidential Debates?
Or, was patented and ever so (wink, wink) subtle Rovian pressure applied to the broadcast’s technical chief?

This post debate Reuters image clearly shows the staggering difference in height between Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry.

Sadly for Karl and the TV director’s bamboo-pierced fingertips, President Bush wasn’t ready for his close up and the cheated effect only magnified the President’s flaws and odd composure.
According to Tom Shales, in this morning’s Washington Post:

An essentially dignified and thoughtful performance by Sen. John Kerry, contrasted with an oddly giggly turn by President Bush…Bush seems to have been taken apart and put back together again after each debate…several of his statements and facial expressions throughout the 90 minutes, [were] eccentric…Bush looked as smiley as Clarabell the Clown.

Photo: AP, Reuters,

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