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Saturday, October 23, 2004
In this Saturday grab bag of political odds and ends, I would like to begin by thanking readers of this blog for their kind patronage.
I really appreciate it.
Thanks to a new web monitoring service, eXTReMe Tracking, I can, now somewhat, distinguish my modest but highly discriminating (wink, wink) readership by their geographic region.
In addition to a local readers, I’m amazed and humbled by the hits and reloads coming from across the United States and, internationally, from countries as diverse as the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Germany, Australia, Japan, the Syrian Arab Republic and the Islamic Republic of Iran.
I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart and sincerely hope that I’ve made you smile or alerted you to a chunk of previously unknown information.
If you would like to view these tracking reports scroll to the bottom of this page and click the little radio button on the left side of the page.
We have only a few unimportant little secrets here at planetsean global HQ and freely worship at the traditional, if presently maligned, American altar of free and impartial information, the lifeblood of real democracy.

Oh, one other item of house, or blog, keeping:
Some of you have cruelly mocked my blog’s title by saying that, in all actuality, I should have called it Politics, Politics and Politics.
Very funny, ladies and gentlemen…
I laughed but inside I (wink, wink) cried a few salty Jim Bunning-esque tears.
So, to rectify the situation, somewhat, I plan a few future remarks on a couple of rapidly approaching important Art Pottery auctions taking place here in the metropolitan area of the Queen City of the West.
Stay tuned.

Locally, here on the rolling bluegrass hills of the Commonwealth, I think it is important to highlight another recent bizarre but illuminating remark, reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer, from Kentucky’s flash-tempered junior Senator and, today, birthday boy, 73-year-old Jim Bunning at a Rotary Club event this past week in Louisville:

"Let me explain something: I don't watch the national news, and I don't read the paper. I haven't done that for the last six weeks. I watch Fox News to get my information.”

CNN reported yesterday afternoon that national Democratic Party leaders are privately referring to Bunning as (snicker), “the gift that keeps on giving.”

Poorly dressed hack Washington Post and CNN media “critic” Howie Kurtz, this morning, attempts the difficult task of applying a bit of mud to the presently shining image of Crossfire-slayer and Comedy Central Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

I was most interested by a fresh quote from one of the, apparently, still mortified pretend journalists speared by Stewart’s sharp and insightful tongue, chubby and bow-tie wearing Tucker Carlson:

"There are things wrong with cable shout-shows, definitely. There are things wrong with 'Crossfire.' What bothered me was the pomposity and sanctimony, the notion that we're the problem. He doesn't understand the role of shows like ours in the media food chain. Not only was he not funny, he was not interesting. Banal."

Something tells me dear Tucker is still rubbing ointment into Stewart’s bite marks, however, if there is anyone on the modern corrupt media scene with an unquestioned expertise in pomposity and sanctimony that person has to be, without question, our little table-turned Tucker.

Two new pro Kerry videos are available, this morning for those of you with Windows, QuickTime or Real media players.

Click here for Eagle.

Click here for Win Back Respect.

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