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Saturday, October 30, 2004
McConnell Comes
Out for Pitcher

Kentucky senior Senator Mitch McConnell openly declared the special relationship he shares with embattled junior Senator and former pitcher Jim Bunning before the Bus Tour's largest crowd of almost 200 citizens yesterday in Benton according to a frank report in this morning’s on line edition of the Murray Ledger & Times:

“Jim Bunning is my best friend…I don’t want to lose him,” McConnell, the Senate’s second-ranking Republican, said Thursday afternoon during a rally at the Marshall County Republican Party headquarters. “It’s hard to have friends in the Senate.”

Elsewhere, yesterday, Jennifer Brown of reported possible unease when the location of a previously scheduled Bunning rally in Christian County had to be relocated:

Organizers had planned to conduct the Bunning rally on the parking lot of First Baptist Church. However, shortly before the senator arrived on his "Bush-Bunning" bus, an associate pastor of the church asked organizers to move and cited concerns about partisan politics on church property.

The report went on to report the local Republican Party chairperson offering this somewhat unusual endorsement:

“He's willing to stare down the opposition, and that's the kind of person we like in Christian County.”

Modified Image: Murray Ledger & Times

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