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Sunday, October 31, 2004
NNNHe's Melting!

The scariest movie any American Trick or Treat-er could watch this All Hollow’s Eve has to be the horrifying epic produced by that Ziegfield of Zeitgeist Karl Rove.
Anticipating tonight’s eerie concluding production number in Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark, it might be fun to read former theater critic Frank Rich’s column in this morning’s New York Times:

It's possible for America to overdose on entertainment. No president has worked harder than George W. Bush to tell his story as a spectacle, much of it fictional, to rivet his constituents while casting himself in an unfailingly heroic light. Yet this particular movie may have gone on too long and have too many plot holes. It may have been too clever by half. It may have given Mr. Kerry just the opening he needs to win.

Must Read!
As Osama hovers over our pillows like a turbaned Tooth Fairy, Atrio's links to an important Knight-Ridder report detailing his escape from Tora Bora.

Images: MGM, Reuters, AP, AFP

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