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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The President’s tailor, shown in the photo on the right pointing to a wrinkle, wants us to think the rectangle evident under the President’s jacket in the first televised debate (photo on the left) is similar to the wrinkle on his model.
Georges de Paris insisted to The Hill newspaper that a rectangle is really a straight line:

“There’s no mystery about it, no secret bunch, nothing…The same thing will happen anytime you cross your arms like Bush did. It causes the back of the jacket to pucker along the seam.”

Judging from his looks, Georges de Paris couldn’t possibly have any kinky secrets the White House is leveraging could he?
I think it’s clear from today’s edition of The Hill that the Bush disinformation people need a vacation.
Notice the LifeCor vest still exists outside the sphere of consideration for your plugged in disinfotainment funsters.

Photos: C-SPAN, The Hill

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