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Monday, October 25, 2004
What a day this Monday has been!
I have a really good excuse for today’s tardy post.

My busy day began early with a visit to the dentist followed by an intense workout and a long steam at the Queen City’s historic Central YMCA.
My friend and I, then, chose one of our favorite downtown breakfast/brunch locations completely forgetting the restaurant is located next to (spooky organ crescendo) Cincinnati’s Bush/Cheney headquarters.
With a singular lack of luck, the restaurant was packed with bitter, seriously overweight and horribly dressed BC’04 supporters loudly topping one another with excruciating selections from that morning’s emailed marching orders.
If Tucker Carlson longs for a yardstick to establish a scientific measurement of banal, he should have joined this morning’s long line of cheap uncared for shoes and polyester awaiting a table assignment.
It was all I could do to stop myself from jamming a fork into a few pointy foreheads.
We sought solace and a respite from fork manslaughter by loudly exploring Bill O’Feelie’s audio taped memories of youthful Thai paramours.
We wondered aloud if he or young Nealsie was the better tipper as we enjoyed a lovely tomato, mozzarella and basil omelet and a French dip as our favorite server took her sweet time with the Republican’s order.
I gave her a big tip.

The Kerry/Edwards' team meets outside Paul Brown Stadium

Anyway, breakfast was but prelude to an evening spent doing our bit by campaigning for the Kerry/Edwards ticket outside Paul Brown Stadium and tonight’s Monday Night Football match up between Cincinnati and Denver.
After hooking up with KE team leaders and gathering up a load of buttons, signs and stickers our brave team descended to the Mehring Way entrance and our date with a unique manifestation of some sort of personalized political destiny.
I’ve never been to a Cincinnati Bengal’s game before and I would have to seriously think twice before attending another.
To describe many of those attending the game as drunk really doesn’t do justice to the seriously impaired condition of tonight’s average attendee.
Call me old fashioned but I never fail to be shocked to witness a publicly drunk woman.
Tonight my old fashioned sensibilities were bitch-slapped by a cascade of inebriated females and their equally tanked partners.
Without generalizing to horribly much, it seemed, tonight, the lost sobriety, for many, was replaced with an ardent and vulgar support for the Republican ticket.
Like chalk to the Republican supporter’s cheese, the Kerry/Edwards people were, across the board, polite, friendly and very supportive.
Perhaps I’m somewhat biased but blogs are not judged or read for the absurd pretense of balance affected by cable talking heads and major print.
Surprisingly thought impaired, the tanked supporters of our installed and born again President, screamed every curse known to modern American usage at our mixed group of young and old and male and female.
A few hardier and angrier souls coined epithets excruciating in their depravity.
My favorite was a fairly well dressed but no less sober couple in their mid 60s.
Tiny, and jacketed in small fuzzy polka dots, the woman got right into my personal space and screamed like she was possessed.
Naturally this caused a huge grin to spread across my face.
Naturally this jacked her up into foam and spittle mode.
It wasn’t pretty and neither was she.
Not long after, as kick off approached and the tailgating crowds grew increasingly ugly, we elected to call it an evening.
It was a very interesting and fun evening no matter the Cheney-esque character of much of the language.
We met and stickered many really nice people and I think we had an impact with our polite response to the vulgarities hurled by so many thought-impaired Bush supporters.
I would urge all my domestic readers, even in the seven days remaining, to visit the official KE blog, click on the plan/attend event category of the left side of the page, type in your zip code and discover an event in your area so that you too can participate in our shared history.

Photo: sean

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