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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Bye Bye Biscuit

A turkey triangle?

President Bush is shown throttling “Biscuit” the national Thanksgiving turkey before horrified members of the press assembled in the Rose Garden earlier today.
Unconfirmed reports indicate the presidential turkeycide was initiated after an intensely jealous Mr. Bush misunderstood aides discussing “turkey and rice” prior to the traditional ceremony.
Biscuit, a West Virginia native and a tom or male turkey, seemed an unlikely threat to the President’s “body language” relationship with his Secretary of State designate, but, of course, stranger things have happened in Washington.
Funeral arrangements for Biscuit have not yet been announced though the President indicated his desire to see the bird lie in state at “375 degrees at 10 minutes per pound”.

Say Cheese

The Moon's SMART view

The European Space Agency’s Small Missions for Advanced Research in Technology or SMART 1 spacecraft snapped this image of the Earth’s Moon as it entered a lunar orbit yesterday.
The spacecraft’s Xenon ion drive began firing on November 15 at 6:24 Central European Time and will continue its orbit stabilization burn for another full day.

Modified and unmodified Images: Reuters, ESA

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