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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Dear God
Not Again

America awakens this November morning to find herself facing a historic and social danger greater than any terrorist attack.
I would urge fellow Democrats, Republicans and our shockingly inept and corrupt media to restrain their baser instincts and pray for our embattled democracy.
I also ask my friends around the world to pray not just for America but also for our western civilization and the hope and shining light it represents.
It is, four years later, up to another state, where yesterday laws were bent and good solid Americans of all persuasions were illegally hamstrung and shockingly delayed in the legal exercise of their right to vote.
Unlike four years ago the focus of the present battle will apparently be across the mighty Ohio river in my wacky and ever torn neighbor of Ohio, sad poster child of the left and right’s worst political excesses.
I’m am gratified, in my present partially awakened state, to have heard Senator John Edwards say that national Democrats and the Kerry campaign will fight for every vote as millions of Americans, no matter the Republican party’s continued control of the Congress, will not tolerate another Bush presidency.
It might be wise for both sides, before the brewing political dogfight embarrasses us all in these too dangerous times, to put aside ego and the clacking of their special interests and to begin considering a Presidency and Vice Presidency of national reconciliation.
I’ve been praying and feeling like a dervish these last 24 hours and I know, this morning, there are millions joining me in this leaky boat.
America and what she represents beyond the corruption that infests her upper ranks is too important to dissolve in the crass political ugliness we living first saw in 2000.
If our leaders truly love America they must put her interests and her future ahead of everything else.
The question, this cold morning, is can and will they?
Pray for America and beg God to protect her.

Photo: Bill Greene-Boston Globe

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