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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

In these dark pre-holiday days (How does Tony’s curiously-timed electoral terror feel, huh, England?), as loyal Americans find solace in mean-spiritedness, shell-shocked lefties are Earth shoeing and Flip-Flopping unique individual paths toward a darkening humor.
Hunting for material to fill the cable news void, I had the luck to discover, in the vast Media Play pile of DVD’s, 2003’s 5th season of the BBC comedy Absolutely Fabulous starring the brilliant Jennifer Saunders and her too delicious chum Joanna Lumley.
Thus far, I’ve only hysterically laughed my way through 4 of the 8 programs on the 2-disc set.
The programs, also written by Saunders, are her absolute best yet!
As Eddy thrills to her new mixed-race grandchild, “The Gucci of babies, sweetie”, before her life-sized office copy of the Saddam statue, these darkly, devilishly and deviously funny celebrations of the politically incorrect will, sadly likely, never see the light of even a cablecast dawn on our newly imperial shores.
The series, like Patsy’s fav bourbon, is an acquired taste but I guarantee many of you will cry neat, undiluted tears of needed laughter.
Web-wise, as the nongrammatical are prone to say, makes for a fun-filled surf.
With elements like the above Oil of Iraq image, Ask Professor Rumsfeld and Fucked Planet, this clever site should also loosen your lactic acid-filled humor muscles and newly vestigial funny bone!


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