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Sunday, November 07, 2004
Move over Karl Rove because there is a sly new non-partisan nocturnal omnivore lurking about our nation’s capitol with a penchant for sheep and a disingenuous media profile thanks to years of light-hearted work in Hollywood.

What could this Arnold-like nemesis be?
Why it’s none other than canis latrans or “barking dog” more commonly referred to as the coyote recently spotted amid the tonier foliage of upper northwest Washington.
According to a Reuters science report by Deborah Zabarenko:

"On our way home from a party tonight, my son spotted a coyote trotting among the trees," one writer said in an e-mail group…"One ran across Military (Road). No question, a healthy smallish coyote!" another wrote on Oct. 21, referring to a location about 5 miles from the White House…Coyotes' presence inside the city limits was confirmed only in September by a naturalist on duty in the woods of Rock Creek Park. "I suspect we've had coyotes close by for some time. We've just discovered them recently," Michael Bean, chairman of the wildlife program at the Environmental Defense group, said on Friday.

The breed, now found in every county of swing state Ohio and made famous by inept Warner Bros cartoon character Wile E. Coyote, should find itself in step with Washington’s marriage sanctity set as they mate for life and will have their “howling season” in this upcoming January and February.
Political cattle and sheep grazing on the District of Columbia’s lush slopes should be forewarned!

Image: Office of the Capitol Curator,

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