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Monday, November 15, 2004
Seeing Red?
Are you, dear reader, enjoying our deranged media’s pathetic attempts to hype the tiniest Presidential victory since 1828 into a massive electoral bulge?
Is massive military victory accompanied by “pockets of resistance” dimming the light at the end of your particular tunnel?
Have roundtables pitting right-wingers from the American Enterprise Institute against right-wingers from the Heritage Foundation prior to in-depth interviews with Kristallnacht-fan Dr. James Dobson kept you on the edge of your big comfy chair?
Are you dying to know who was invited to Condi’s late night all-girl 50th birthday bash after the party-pooping President and First Lady left the scene?
Or, like me, have you powered-down the aging post-millennial toob reserving its charged particles for the occasional old movie from those gay pre-imperial days?
If something terribly bad happens I’m sure a neighbor will call.
Oddly, there is news to be had and some of it uplifting if one keeps their electric surfboard carefully waxed.

Opportunity image of the inner wall of Endurance Crater.

I’ve made it a habit to periodically check NASA’s Mars Rover site as the intrepid little robots continue to crank out data and breath-taking images.
Though lost to the media’s crap-packed cycle, Opportunity and Spirit continue to amaze 10 months after their miraculous landings.
NASA maintains a vast assortment of images taken by the robotic explorers for interested residents of the 3rd planet.
I really enjoy downloading a large image file and getting lost in a real alien landscape yet uncluttered by corporations and right wing think tanks.

The SMART 1 craft

A bit closer to our blue and white home the Xenon ion drive onboard the European Space Agency’s SMART 1 Moon probe will begin delicate maneuvers, tonight, to spiral the solar-electric craft into a close orbit ranging between 300 to 3,000 kilometers from the lunar surface, according to a report from those leftist devils at the BBC.
The always-excellent Beeb has an informative graphic explaining how an Ion drive works and links to related stories, the ESA’s SMART 1 site and the breath-taking Particle Physic and Astronomy Research Council’s site.
Go, my friends, and unclog your mind with a vista beyond our own puckered navels.

Photos: NASA, ESA

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