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Thursday, December 23, 2004

A 24 hour snowfall with occasional ice storms has blanketed southeastern Indiana, northern Kentucky and southwestern Ohio this frigid eve of Christmas Eve.

Breath-taking winter beauty, dangerous driving and, of course, hysterical local TV news coverage have created some emotional highs and lows for freezing midwesterners more concerned with holiday shopping and preparations.

Here at planetsean global HQ we are having a glorious good time and hope you are as well!

Photos: sean

Beautiful scenery. hope you enjoy your white christmas and stay away from the crazies who think the world is ending due to a snowstorm.

Tip: go to your nearest big-box parking lot to have some fun with your e-brake in your car. Donuts galore!

-verplanck colvin
You don't want to see me drive...snow or no!
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