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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Avarst Thar Maties!

CNN, this afternoon, reported that agents of the Time-Warner subsidiary monitored, on a “conventional car radio”, the brief broadcast Wednesday of an unlicensed pirate radio station operating on a vacant frequency in the metropolitan Washington D.C area.
Calling itself "Guerrilla Radio, WSQT", CNN reported, among other things, that the station’s announcer called for “massive protests” surrounding the 2nd Bush Inaugural similar, I would imagine, to the protests not covered by CNN surrounding the 1st Bush Inaugural.
While failing to mention that it had likely been tipped to the unscheduled broadcast by the allegedly radical perpetrators, CNN reported that it dutifully tipped the nudity-crazy Federal Communications Commission to its exclusive report of a fully dressed radio pirate.
The originator of urgent, unsettled and generally shouted programs such as Crossfire and The Capital Gang went gallingly on to criticize the pirate station’s programming as “urgent, unsettled…generally shouted.”
Due to my post election rule forbidding most cable news programming in my home, I missed the CNN broadcast report within the laughable establishment spin machine commonly referred to as Judy Woodruff’s Inside Politics.
Scanning CNN’s empurpled web prose makes me wish I had witnessed Judy’s no doubt wide-eyed read of this curious story that has, as of yet, only been repeated by the India Daily.


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