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Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Bernie We Hardly Knew Ye

Kerik and wife Hala

Golly gosh and Bush on a Cracker, the Bernie Kerik sex-housekeeper-mob hijinks seem to be getting the most media play in the New York tabloids.
Well, ahem, that is, aside from those of us in the more, again ahem, spirited Blogosphere.
This morning Rupie’s Daily News plates fresh dish in a story that should be headlined, Hala Hath No Fury, Yet.
It seems old randy Bernie’s young wife Hala Mali, a Syrian immigrant who the then New York City Corrections official married in 1998, has, according to the Daily News, “kept a stoic silence” regarding news of Kerik’s multi-love nest wanderings.
While silence cannot be golden for the Daily News’ circulation, the paper, from a fresh read of Kerik’s lover-published and ghost-written autobiography, appears to be offering a certain comely young wife, or her likely old-school Syrian family, a paper and ink shoulder to cry on.
The paper begins with the ever-more-timely story of their first meetings at a New York dentist’s office:

"We despised each other," Kerik wrote in his autobiography, "The Lost Son." "It was a running battle between us, me skipping appointments, her pointing out how inconsiderate I was."

And, as we all now know, appointments are not the only things our once and future Bush Cabinet appointee enjoys skipping.
The News also suggests, again from the Judith Regan-published autobiography, that Hala’s Syrian uncles may have also glimpsed the Bernster’s difficulty with promises:

Kerik, 49, wrote that one of the toughest grillings he has seen was the grilling he took from Hala's uncles, anxious to determine if he was the right man for her.

Oh, Bernie, I kind of feel even the President understands that Senate Democrats may have given those Syrian uncles a run for their dinars!

Photo: Schwartz for the Daily News

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