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Wednesday, December 29, 2004
I apologize for not, thus far, posting anything regarding the horrible tsunami tragedy in Asia.
I’ve been dumbstruck by the horror as Mother Nature proves herself the ultimate terrorist and we humans again uncomfortably view our puny place on her mantle.

The idiot media, of course, deludes itself with pitiful attempts at numbering the innumerable and maintaining our western delusion of technical supremacy in the face of this horrendous event.
Our convenient small “c” Christian leader, as was breathlessly announced yesterday, will today descend from his penurious mountaintop and for the first time publicly remark upon the tragedy and sneer at embarrassing accusations of “stinginess”.
Regardless of the glib remarks by media and temporal leaders, death and devastation will haunt Asia and the world for months and years to come.
To give some small comparison, consider Hurricane Charley, which struck the southwestern Florida coast on September 13, 2004, and the following tiny example of the still ongoing recovery effort here in highly advanced America:
Florida friends, just prior to the Christmas holidays, told me Bowman’s Beach, the public beach at the join of Sanibel and Captiva Islands where Charley’s force was at its peak, only just reopened December 16th!
Three months to clear one public beach on islands where homes, resorts, and civic structures are still damaged and where many mainland residents are still living in tents.
Of course, not much is made of this in the national press; the lingering devastation and the painfully slow and even more damaging recovery from one of the four hurricane events, compared to the December 26th tsunami, offers but a tiny example of this leading world power's still marginal recovery from a tiny portion of nature's fury.
The Florida National Guard, always of major assistance in natural disaster recovery is occupied elsewhere and offers to the world, perhaps, a partial reason for America’s present behavior in the face of this historic calamity.
Another partial reason could lie in a certain world leader’s 3rd separate request for an additional $87 billion of American resources to fund the ill conceived Iraq tar baby.
How can America be generous at home or abroad when sons, daughters and $261 billion is being poured onto desert sand?
An already boggled mind is boggled further and fears of a vengeful and ecumenical God grow stronger.

Image: Reuters

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