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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Move On is asking ordinary citizens to offer opinions that will be presented to various national bigs as Democrats fight for a new party leader this weekend.

Here are mine:

I'm sick of the sniveling Republican-lite DLC corporate revolving door hacks who infest the party and the media.
I want representatives who fight back and not stammer in the face of phony and often manufactured Rethug morality and politics.
I want party leaders along the lines of the new Al Gore, Dr. Dean and Jon Stewart.
I want the media challenged often and hard.
I want someone, anyone to mention the Afghan heroin flooding this country and selling for $10 a bag in New York City!

Young rural Kentuckians are being ensnared when buying what they are told is cocaine. The drug sells here in KY for $40...$20 less than when I was a youth 30 years ago!
I want some brave soul to challenge Bush's insane medical marijuana positions particularly in light of the cheap Afghan heroin and to notice that drug importation has not lessened since 911.

Hemp, as a crop used in medicine and manufacturing would give tobacco-less Kentucky a cash crop and Democrats, again, the top state leadership was our largest cash crop until the 1920's. Recreational marijuana 30 years ago sold for $20 per ounce while today it averages around $250 driving more middle and lower class kids toward Bush's cheap life-destroying Afghan heroin.

The Party has to change and heads must roll or I will not contribute another dime!
We have to make the Rethugs react to our spin and dance to our tunes...this isn't rocket science guys.
The engines of the campaign seem to have ground to a halt...they need to come back to life.
Democratic grass root positions are correct and DO NOT need to be modified...In my opinion, on many issues, like illegal immigration and media hatred, the left and right are surprisingly allied.

We need to capitalize on these areas of Left-Right consanguinity and use these issues to open the door to other areas of shared interest like the neo-royalty of generational politicians, celebrities and business and union leaders...a hotly discussed topic in this part of the deep woods.
We have to make people aware that world and domestic fundamentalism threatens our democracy and freedoms.
It’s a big job but we are right and the Rethugs are wrong.


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