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Thursday, December 23, 2004
Trickle up?

If your looking for a bit more proof regarding the coddling of Washington, DC Republicans by our alleged major media look no further than last Thursday evening’s arrest of Tom Loo, the chief Republican Economist for the House of Representatives Small Business Committee.
From my Googling only Wonkette, the New York Daily News and the pricey subscription newspaper Roll Call are reporting that Barney Frank’s long-time aide Dan McGlinchey caught Mr. Loo red-handedly engaged in the act of stealing a brand new plasma TV from the Small Business Committee’s Rayburn House Office Building hearing room.
According to the Daily News:

McGlinchey said he had gone to his office at the Financial Services Committee about 10p.m. Thursday to catch up on some paperwork when he saw Loo loading a wrapped-up flat-screen plasma TV onto a cart. "I didn't recognize the guy," McGlinchey said. "He seemed really agitated. I noticed the TV was gone, and when I confronted him, he started walking really fast down the hallway with the dolly in tow, mumbling, 'Must leave, must leave.'" McGlinchey gave chase. Loo abandoned the 42-inch, $7,000 TV and ran into the stairwell, McGlinchey said. One floor down, Loo ran into the arms of the cops.

The article goes on to mention a “rash” of recent high-tech equipment thefts around the Capitol and one supposes Mr. Loo has been experimenting with a small business venture of his own.
A curious and timely Christmas tale but, as in-the-know liberals sagely nod, one that hasn’t yet caught the fancy of television producers or editors at the major daily papers more consumed with the trivial seasonal delusions of Republican fundamentalists than any commission of sin by the same.
Bah Humbug!

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