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Friday, January 07, 2005
After a swarm of readers descended upon this blog Monday and Tuesday, I began to feel the waning of the blogging Muse coupled with the familiar revulsion from a too deep immersion in the cesspool of mainstream media.

While I greatly appreciate visitors to this site, the mundane and balancing chores of life, symbolized by my rapidly dehydrating Christmas tree, beckoned.
Certainly, excepting the tsunami disaster about which I can offer nothing except continuing shock, these last few days have witnessed no shortage of blog worthy trivia.
For example, I had no idea, prior to yesterday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, that our mas macho President’s confidant and Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzales spoke with a lisp.
The hearing, partially televised by C-SPAN, also afforded the opportunity to realize that creepy porn-fixated Kansas Republican Senator Sam Brownback has an almost completely square head.
I was also faux-stunned to discover that intrepid girl reporter Diane Sawyer is going “without sleep” and snacks as she faux-bravely toughs-out the Asian disaster aboard an American battleship.
If only all those dead people, the tasteless ABC report seemed to suggest, could have been a little more like our Diane perhaps things would have been different.
Fleeing my highly radioactive television, I did saddle up the old and more heavily shielded Dell for brief Googles of “Ahmed Said Ahmed al Ghamdi”, the Mosul Mess Tent bomber, and discovered right wing iconoclasts, The Weekly Standard and, had joined the mostly leftist and mid-size media ranks by publishing the January 6th New York Post story whose details still have not graced the nation’s airwaves or major papers.
Major media also neglected to mention the missing 380 tons of al Qaqaa HMX and RDX explosive in reporting the massive roadside bombing, yesterday, that killed 8 US servicemen and tossed a Bradley armored personnel carrier into the air.
The increasing and deadly attacks are allowed to be softened as “acts of desperation by the insurgents” that are in the President’s whacky and self-serving description a mere “handful” of “democracy-haters”.
Then, of course, there was the festive but curious news of Tucker Carlson’s metaphoric kneecapping and the cancellation of CNN’s lengthy experiment with pointless name-calling.
The murk cleared, somewhat today, as tiny gender-neutral screamer Armstrong Williams was dressed in sackcloth and paraded, on the hour, by the co-conspiring and neo-penitent Time-Warner subsidiary for sins staining an assortment of inside the beltway souls.
In the spirit of full disclosure I must admit that I, once upon a time long ago and far away, briefly met the then still on the make Mr. Williams.
I wasn’t his type.
But, I guess, it is CNN and Mr. Williams' curious behavior, from his eye-shifting morning performance with the aging Bill Hemmer (is it me or has his beauty mark drifted) to the teary late afternoon capper sung to Paul Begala’s tunelessly false bon homme, that has propelled my fingers toward the light blogtastic.
Methinks somebody’s protesting too much about one little worm in a stinkingly rotten, worm-packed apple.
Could it be that a busy executive someone with a wet prognosticating finger got early wind that Armstrong’s lucrative propagandizing was going public and so tried to pre-empt collateral damage by directing the knee-cappers to the Carlson residence?
Likely, we will never know.
It remains darkly humorous that elements of the perverted American media can blithely and repeatedly ignore treason and danger to the American people and her troops but sensing danger to her own fat flanks this free-lunching modern hydra can still spin the illusion of dramatic action.
It is not good enough.
I want diverse and lengthy pundit show trials and lots more tears than the miserable two or three squeezed out by Mr. Williams this afternoon.
I guarantee huge ratings and tons of book deal and movie of the week synergy.
Why a clever corporation could even generate a total immersion computer game: Pundit Hunt new for X Box!

Photos: ABC, AP,, WETA

planet sean. i love your page. You are a brilliant man who really can see what is going on in the world. more people should read this websit. thanks for all the great reporting. reading you always.
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