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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
I have to say that I have sympathy for Americans from Chicago to the East Coast languishing under this past weekend’s massive snowfall.
While we here in the vicinity of the Ohio River valley have had snow on the ground for the last week of so, it is a mere dusting compared to our poor northern brothers and sisters.
I have for some time wanted to post a Comfort Food veggie recipe that has become a favorite of mine this winter but I’m usually waylaid by some repellant news story that makes my poor little recipe, by contrast if posted, seem not only trivial but tasteless.
Believe me all you wonderful readers; this veggie recipe is anything but tasteless!
Of course a quick glance at the big news organs of corporate officialdom reveals, as always, a few interesting newsy morsels.

Iraqi Police at a car bombing Monday in Baghdad.

The outrage lies in the last two paragraphs of a Washington Post story headlined, Torture In Iraq Still Routine, Report Says.
Unusually, the headline fairly represents the gist of the accompanying article, which details Iraqi on Iraqi torture in Prime Minister Ayad Allawi’s prisons.
The last two graphs relate "the only known case in which U.S. forces intervened to stop detainee abuse” where “an Oregon Army National Guard unit saw Iraqi guards at an Interior Ministry compound abusing detainees”.
According to the report by the Oregon unit’s captain “soldiers entered the compound and found bound prisoners ‘writhing in pain’ and complaining of lack of water. They gave water to the men, moved them out of the sun and then disarmed the Iraqi police.”
The newsy morsel, particularly in light of the criminally unfair prosecution of the Abu Girahb enlisted, is the article’s final sentence:

When the Oregon soldiers radioed up their chain of command for instructions, they were ordered to "return the prisoners to the Iraqi authorities and leave the detention yard."

Yes, the trusty old chain of command truly does protect and serve those at its peak.
The second morsel, found in the New York Times, is more darkly humorous.
It seems the big guns of the Christian Right, miffed I guess that SpongeBob escaped the cartoon clutches of their deep sea anti-homo net, are threatening President Bush.
It seems these ever so judgmental neoChristian leaders are willing to shaft their regular, and I imagine tithing, church members over Social Security if Mr. Rove’s President actively fights for an anti Gay Marriage Amendment to the Constitution.
Needless to say the Dreier and Mehlman households in Washington are atwitter over this one!

Anyway, on to the recipe which could be a sort of food metaphor for Dreier and Mehlman’s future within the neoChristian Republican Party:

Creamed Cabbage

½ head of White Cabbage, chopped
2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Shallot, minced
3 Cloves of Garlic, peeled and minced
1 Tbsp Wheat Germ
1 Tbsp Bread Crumbs
½ cup, or more, Heavy Cream

Sea Salt & White Pepper to taste

In a fairly large skillet, briefly sauté over medium heat the Shallots and Garlic in Olive Oil.
Add chopped Cabbage.
Sauté and turn Cabbage until most pieces are coated in Olive Oil and until Garlic and Shallots are blended throughout.
Add Cream (Calorie and fat freaks can substitute Half & Half but the creamy, comforting richness will be lessened).
After turning the mixture a few times sprinkle the Wheat Germ, Bread Crumbs, Sea Salt and White Pepper across the bubbling surface.
Turn mixture, lower the heat and cover.
Simmer, stirring occasionally, about 15 minutes or until Cabbage is just tender.
This dish goes wonderfully with Chicken, Beef or Lamb and will vanish before your eyes!

Photos: Reuters, University of Illinois Extension

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