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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
"Bulldog" Time Tunnel

Less than 24 hours after television’s talking heads were spinning the 5 to 7 year-old secret recordings of George W. Bush admitting to drug abuse as a sign of his fun-loving nature and integrity, comes a GannonGate development that shines a light onto Washington’s more or less unspinable universal corruption.
The Nashua Advocate, a prime web source of Jeff Gannon information and context, is reporting, this morning, that Jon Lauck, one of the shill South Dakota bloggers linked to Jeff Gannon by the now discredited Thune campaign, made an interesting posted reference to the White House male prostitute on Sunday:

Reporters have recently told me that the Daschle campaign had been sending them photos of Gannon for at least a year to discredit him.

Yes, dear reader, those untrustworthy eyes of yours are working.
Lauck is stating, likely in that sniveling put-upon tone wingers affect, that former Senate Democratic Minority Leader Tom Daschle’s campaign had embarrassing pictures of Jeff Gannon one year before the scandal became more public than Bulldog's web advertising intended on February 14th, 2005.
This raises a number of questions beginning with what a Thune partisan would hope to achieve by posting such a curious statement and why, if Jeff’s X-rated photos were given to them, these reporters, at least privately, didn’t inform their editors and the White House of a serious breech in the President’s personal security.

Jon Lauck

Of course, the Lauck information could, in Bulldog’s own words, be just “so much stuff” but, if this apparently unsophisticated South Dakota State University Assistant Professor of History’s reporting is correct, the implications of that information would confirm many peoples worst fears as described by the Advocate:

If the campaign of the Democratic Senate Minority Leader knew, in 2004, that Gannon was a gay prostitute, then all of Washington knew.
Karl Rove knew.
The White House knew.
Senators knew.
Congressmen knew.
There is absolutely no way--we repeat, absolutely no way--that freckled, dorky-looking twenty-something staffers for the Daschle campaign in South Dakota knew that a major Washington "news correspondent" was a gay prostitute and didn't tell anyone.
There's absolutely no way that the leader of the Democrats in the Senate knew a major Washington "news correspondent" was a gay prostitute and didn't tell anyone in his caucus.
And there is absolutely no way that the Daschle campaign knew anything about Gannon that the Thune campaign didn't know, given how heavily they were working the Talon News "reporter"--almost, you might say, like a prostitute.
A political prostitute.
And not, apparently, one who was any great secret--in either of the two ways he sold himself--among the power-brokers in Washington.

Lauck’s allegation, this privately held power knowledge, would, of course, explain why Gannon is the scandal that dare not speak its name among the media and political types in our sadly dysfunctional capitol.
Discuss this with family and friends and urge those concerned to express their concerns to local media and your member of Congress.
The story is still young and has not yet crossed the awareness of many of those not blessed with Internet connectivity.
A linkable example from here in the Bluegrass State is today’s publication by the Lexington Herald-Leader of Howard Kurtz's February 18th Washington Post report.
Take heart for, though I’m old enough to remember when Kentucky was 5 to 10 years behind east coast happenings, nowadays, as the Herald-Leader’s Kurtz publication suggests, Kentucky now lags a mere 4 days!

Gannon the Musical!
Watch out Seussical because this Jeff Gannon version of Manfred Mann's Do Wah Ditty, via Wonkette, could begin a hustler's path toward Broadway.

Images: 20th Century Fox,, South Dakota State University
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