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Monday, February 21, 2005
Could 1989 become an important year in the modern day GannonGate scandal?

Johnny Grosch & Jeff Gannon

I’ve previously posted links to information about homosexual procurer and lobbyist Craig T. Spence but nothing-about 1989’s Franklin Credit Union scandal involving porno, pedophilia and big-name political figures.
The blog Rigorous Intuition offers a dot connection between Franklin and our peripatetic porn politico Jeff Gannon:

What if "(sic) John Gannon" isn't really "James D Guckert"…What if he proves to be Johnny D Gosch?

I must warn you the links herein will take you to some fairly unsavory information that has also been tainted with proximity to UFO investigations through, I would imagine, the alleged involvement of the government’s MK Ultra program.
The blog Rigorous Intuition does, however, present some interesting comparison photos and a tantalizing possibility for people who have been speculating on Jeff Gannon’s childhood and family life.

Scandal in Nebraska

Ted Gunderson Report

What Happened to Johnny Gosch?

The Day the Gonzo Died

Like so many others interested in journalism in the late 1960’s, Hunter S. Thompson was a major personal influence to the teenaged version of your humble blogger.
In the frenzy of the Watergate period, when I worked as an Editorial copyboy for the highly Republican and Watergate-blind Cincinnati Enquirer, nothing was more exciting than tearing through a fresh installment of Thompson’s reporting in Rolling Stone while huddled on my lunch break in the old Vine Street Enquirer’s dingy 3rd floor lunchroom.
Like Tom Wolfe’s Mau-Mauing the Flack-Catchers, the Doctor of Gonzo’s work gave me great pleasure and was highly influential to my developing media mind.
Thank you, Hunter.
I wish your final years had been happier.
William Rivers Pitt has a good obit that also makes a Gannon connection while providing some classic examples of Thompson’s writing.

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