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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Gannon Shocker!

Late Tuesday evening The Nashua Advocate was able to report, following an interview with Dan Pfeiffer, former spokesman for former Senate Minority Leader and US Senator Tom Daschle, that “members of the media knew” since the "summer of 2003” that the name “Jeff Gannon” was a pseudonym for an individual connected to various sexually provocative web sites and not connected to a legitimate news organization.
The Advocate reports the Daschle campaign became suspicious:

More than a year and a half ago, when Pfeiffer received an e-mail from someone claiming to be a citizen of South Dakota, wanting to know the Daschle campaign's reaction to a story by "Jeff Gannon."
The concerned "citizen of South Dakota" turned out to be Gannon himself, as the Daschle campaign quickly uncovered by tracking the e-mail account from which the query had been sent, "" That e-mail address led Daschle campaign staffers to Gannon's AOL website…The campaign sent Gannon's website address and news of his attempted deceit of the Daschle camp to several reporters.

The Advocate only partially identifies one of the reporters who received the Daschle campaign email:

A South Dakota reporter, who asked not to be identified, has confirmed to The Nashua Advocate that he received an e-mail from the Daschle campaign containing a link to Gannon's AOL website, but said there was no evidence the Daschle campaign knew anything about Gannon's background as an escort, and he (the reporter) did not consider the e-mail an attempt to discredit Gannon.

Obviously, The Nashua Advocate has a major story on its hands but it remains to be seen if the media, clearly knee-deep in collusion regarding “Gannon”, will crack the wall of silence that has encased this scandal for the last few news cycles.
Please, follow the link, read the Advocate’s entire post and take my word that what you have read thusfar and what you will read is a major development in a major story that legitimate news organizations would normally be scrambling to cover.

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