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Monday, February 21, 2005
Ho Hum Wead
"President Bush Tried Marijuana"

On the second day of a 4-day European tour, Dub and Dimebag hunt doobs in late night Amsterdam.
Wild-eyed President insists on avoiding Bulldog Cafe.

News From The Cartoon Closet

While the real news, I guess, is that one of the gravelly-voiced Bouvier twins is straight, Marge Simpson's heavy smoking sister Patty officially came out of the cartoon closet last night on The Simpsons.
Other cartoon characters, including the Moe Sizlack of the religious right L. Brent Bozell III, were not, according to the New York Times, pleased:

"I'd rather them not do it...Do children need to have gay marriage thrust in their faces ?"

Why, I wonder, does the supposedly religious right always take umbrage with gay issues as having been "shoved down" their throats or, as in this case, "thrust in their faces"?
Though Patty's cartoon marriage didn't take place, she seemed happy to finally acknowledge her sexuality to her sisters.
We only hope Bozell ends up in Patty's line at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Modified and Unmodified Images: Google, Reuters, FOX
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