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Monday, February 21, 2005
Latest Anti Gay GOP Sleaze

The Bush White House, you know the supposedly Christian one that allowed a working male prostitute within the Presidential security bubble at press events and parties, is involved with another of Karl's always fun front organizations.
The purpose, this time is to trash the American Association of Retired People for their opposition to the President's plans to radically change Social Security by suggesting that they support, horror of horrors, Gay Marriage and oppose the military.
Parodies of the ad are sweeping through the liberal blogosphere.
I thought I'd parody their creepy attempt to get the elderly to contribute money towards the already cash-flush GOP/corporate effort to destroy this vital, necessary and greatly needed social program.
Follow this link and tell USANext what you think of them.
Remember to make up a fake email address and that humor is a great weapon.

Please send your hard earned dollars so doggies can continue to enjoy Poker and Golf and to insure that monkeys can have oil paintings commissioned!

Images: American Spectator, USANext,,,
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