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Saturday, February 26, 2005
The Plot Thickens...

A funny thing happened on my way through my morning Google of the name “Jeff Gannon”.
A couple of excellent editorials from the state of Florida which I’ll excerpt later, a couple of references to an athlete or two sharing a surname with the infamous White House prostitute and reams of minor publications scattered across the country reprinting an impassioned defense of Mr. Gannon by a man, Cliff Kincaid, who, according to his biography on his organizations web site, “has appeared on the Fox News programs Hannity & Colmes and The O'Reilly Factor, where he debated…the homosexual agenda.”
Interesting, no?
Missing from my Google was any reference to The Nashua Advocate whose excellent reporting, this past week alone, has propelled it to the top of past search requests.
A visit to the Advocate site reveals yet another superb bit of reporting on the Gannon matter with a text larded with the very name that should have resulted in a Google hit.
Again, interesting, no?

The Advocate’s latest Google-banned report says that Jeff Gannon utilized yet another false identity, Jimmy Moore, on Talon News bylined articles and that this name now appears on previously archived Gannon stories resulting from search requests on the only remaining non liberal public web archive of Gannon material, Mens News Daily.
Media Matters, on February 10th , posted excerpts from a Google-cached Gannon-bylined bit of disinformation that became the impetus for the right wing echo chamber’s “Kerry mistress” flap of January 2004.
According to The Nashua Advocate, those Gannon stories archived at Mens News Daily, now bear the false name of Jimmy Moore along with the discredited claims of Kerry infidelity.
The Advocate, who I would imagine have now archived Jimmy Moore’s existing Mens News Daily efforts for further study, additionally this morning, relates the fascinating story of Gannon’s curiously-timed involvement with an obscure South Dakota radio program in furtherance of his continued and coordinated with highly placed Republican officials disinformation campaign against former US Senator Tom Daschle.
I, again this morning, urge you to read today’s Nashua Advocate.

As promised my morning Google presented several excellent editorials all from the state of Florida:

The St. Petersburg Times:

The news media have a credibility problem and bloggers, for all their excesses, have shown they have a role to play in holding mainstream journalists accountable…How Guckert avoided the more extensive Secret Service background check most journalists undergo for regular White House credentials remains unclear…Mainstream journalists have nothing to fear from bloggers if they remain true to fundamental standards of accuracy and fairness.

The Tallahassee Democrat:

If you suspect the media are guilty of a double standard when it comes to covering the White House, you're right. It's now clear, without a doubt, that White House reporters are as easy on President Bush as they were hard on President Clinton. Consider the case of phony White House reporter Jeff Gannon.
You probably never heard of Gannon. No wonder. The mainstream media have largely ignored him - even though his story is as big a sex scandal, if not bigger, than anything that happened under Clinton.

The Palm Beach Post:

A man who posted his image on gay pornographic Web sites uses an alias and gets within a few feet of the president. Problem? Yes, but not as big as the problem it reveals…the more substantial story is the White House's unprecedented efforts to phony up the news, with the public paying part of the tab…While the White House press corps always has had its share of flaky reporters, they at least were honest flakes.

Modified Image: Talon News
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