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Thursday, February 17, 2005

This morning, the twisting tale of prostitute turned White House Correspondent Jeff Gannon generated additional unsettling storylines, as it largely remained the unseen elephant in the American corporate media’s living room.
The first curious new storyline, discovered by the blog Intelligence Squad, found a discrepancy with the stated start date of Mr. Gannon’s appearances in the White House Briefing Room.
Gannon, born James Dale Guckert, claimed in an interview published by Editor & Publisher that he “first attended a presidential press conference in April 2003…just weeks after starting with Talon News.”
According to research by and video uncovered by other bloggers, Gannon was in the briefing room and soft-ball questioning Ari Fleischer on February 28, 2003, two months before his supposedly credentialed news service, Talon News, even existed.
This fact means that White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan joins Jeff Gannon as having been caught lying in supposedly exculpatory public statements.
Three days ago McClellan told E&P, seemingly the preferred faux confessional vehicle for GannonGate, that aliases are common in everyday life and that:

"He [Gannon] was cleared in and received day passes under his legal name…In terms of the news organization, he showed he represented a news organization that published regularly…”

So, dispite Mr. McClellan’s claim, Gannon managed to appear in the White House and question a press secretary without the benefit of an association with any news organization, legitimate or not.

The second unsettling storyline was posted in a forum and suggests collusion among the leadership of the Democratic and Republican campaigns during 2004:

Jeff Gannon worked for Talon News. Talon News and GOPUSA… The members of the board of directors are mostly active GOP Operatives from Texas.Board member, Richard M. Powell is the Managing Director for Quinn Gillespie & Assoc. LLC. Gillespie is none other than Ed Gillespie who was on a 'leave of absence' running the RNC for the 2004 Election…[while Quinn] is a fellow named Jack Quinn, a top DEM DC lobbyist.

Following on the Democratic Underground forum posting, reports:

Marc Lampkin, a Quinn Gillespie lobbyist, was a Bush campaign manager, while another employee of the firm, Bruce Andrews, was political director for the Kerry/Edwards coordinating committee in Pennsylvania. Yet another employee, Manuel Ortiz, was involved in the overall leadership structure of the Democratic Party, including both policy and fundraising, raising money for Kerry.

Curious, no?
This equally unreported stunner adds a subtly different flavor to Democratic candidate John Kerry’s oft-reported curious campaign behavior including his, what some considered, premature decision to concede the presidency.
Others on line in a wide variety of forums and comments areas are also suggesting a connection between Gannon and the 1989 Bush I callboy ring with the possibility of ongoing sexual blackmail in the nation’s capitol as a primary factor in many of Washington’s otherwise inexplicable decisions and behaviors.
I would urge you, dear reader, to take direct actions like telephoning or emailing members of Congress and the media and expressing your desire for a full investigation of these matters.
No matter Gannon’s absence from mainstream media’s center stage, the story which has set the blogosphere aflame (or, is that aPlame?) has achieved a new level with today’s published columns by Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich of the New York Times and former Clinton Senior Advisor Sidney Blumenthal of the London Guardian.

Images: C-SPAN, Google

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