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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
The Web Is Alive With
The Sound of Jeffrey

Jeff Gannon, seemingly incapable of going for more than two days without talking to a reporter, erupted like a string of short-fused firecrackers in an interview with Joe Strupp of Editor & Publisher published this afternoon.
Explosively, Gannon admitted:

He had “traded information” with bloggers who are often credited with playing a key role in the defeat of Sen. Tom Daschle, the Democratic leader…”We traded information back and forth.”

Jon Lauck

Paid Thune blogger and Gannon information trader, Jon Lauck, Associate Professor of History at South Dakota State University, backtracked somewhat from his Sunday blog post in an email communication with The Nashua Advocate this afternoon:

[Lauck] no longer claims that "reporters" (plural) gave him information on the Daschle campaign's February 2004 possession of naked photographs of Jeff Gannon; he does, however, maintain that "a reporter recently told me that Daschle's campaign spokesman emailed him Gannon photos more than a year ago."

Gannon arriving at 2004's WHC Dinner

During the E&P interview, the suddenly sizzling Gannon also expressed an interest in attending this year’s April 30th White House Correspondents Dinner:

"I have every intention of attending this year's [dinner]… There is always someone there trying to make news. Maybe this year it is going to be me."

The male prostitute turned White House Correspondent had another bombshell for E&P:

Guckert said he is spending most of his time these days writing in a journal he has kept since he first began covering the White House in February 2003, a journal that could become a book."I have probably one page for each day at the White House, about 200 pages of stuff."

Meanwhile, our favorite male firecracker was packing another loud pop of a headline in yet another scandal-filled news day happening off the pages and television screens of major media, Adult Video News or, in a report linked through, is reporting:

Four domain names that are associated with the latest White House propaganda scandal have been placed on the market…The seller, presumably Guckert, or an agent acting on his behalf, will consider lower offers, but is seeking a minimum of $500 for the three best-known domains…The seller described the majority of the domains in plain, yet effective, words: “This is the site you have been hearing about.”

Gannon seems to want someone’s attention and appears to have moved on from the contrition he displayed during interviews with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz last week.
Has Jeff made enough noise to cross the Atlantic?

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