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Sunday, February 20, 2005
With the dawning of the Lord’s Day comes news that President Bush and Jeff Gannon are both flirting.

On Friday, the President, according to Doug Ireland (scroll down to P.S. in Feb 18th post), flirted with a young female Belgian television interviewer while, this morning in the New York Times, Jeff Gannon, again, flirts with the truth:

“All of this other stuff out there that I was given favorable treatment, access to things - is absolutely, categorically untrue.”

The prostitute turned White House Correspondent is doing his disinformational best to confuse salient questions over his very real access to the White House briefing room with blog speculation as to why he gained such rarified access.
Unlike many of the male escort’s former johns, liberal elements of the blogosphere and increasing numbers of mainstream media remain unsatisfied with Bulldog’s various positions.
Gannon’s latest reworking of a statement he has been polishing in a series of press interviews over the last several days was made Saturday in a New York Times interview and included in this morning’s profile of Robert (Bobby) Eberle the owner of Talon News and GOPUSA.
Eberle’s published remarks also strain credulity:

"Jeff did his thing, I did my thing…I don't know if I actually asked about his background and training…I had no reason to think he was not adhering to professional news standards."

Is that perfectly clear?
Mr. Eberle didn’t pay much attention to Mr. Gannon’s work and didn’t ask about his background or education so, of course, he had no reason to suspect anything less than journalism magic from the Delaware truck painter.

Bruce and Bobby Eberle

In the Gray Lady’s odd uninverted pyramid style of news writing, the Eberle meat is buried in the article’s final paragraphs:

Eberle said that he and some friends founded GOPUSA…They expanded by buying another conservative site called [owned by Bruce Eberle and unreported in the NYT article]…[Bobby] Eberle…says he prefers to keep his current employer unidentified.

According to Bruce is the link between Bobby, Gannon and the political arm of the Bush administration:

Bruce ran a web site called, which…later became, which, joined Bobby’s GOPUSA in March 2004.

Notice that one story says was purchased by GOPUSA while the other says the two web sites merged.
Could Bruce be the current employer Bobby would rather not divulge?
Keeping mum seems to be an Eberle family trait as RawStory reports that the Eberle boys “have refused to say how they are related.”

Kitigawa Utamaro, 1802, Oshichi Kichisa mono

I was grateful my long-awaited copy of Japanese Erotic Fantasies: Sexual Imagery of the Edo Period arrived today to soothe my Gannon poached mind with 200-year-old pornographic woodblock prints.
One of this exquisite books' contributors, Ellis Tinios, an Honorary Lecturer in the School of History at the University of Leeds in the UK, brings an interesting historical perspective to the subject of power homosexuality:

[In] ‘the way of youth’, the dominant paradigm for…male-male sexual relations, in which the partners’ respective ages determined their sexual roles. The receptive partner (wakashu) was invariably a pre-pubescent or pubescent boy…He could assume no role other than submission…The elder served as a role model to the younger and offered him protection, material support and training in manly virtues. In return the younger man was expected to be deferential, obedient and also sexually available.

Sounds kind of familiar doesn’t it Bulldog, you old top you?

Images: Agence France-Presse,,, New York Times, Hotei Publishing
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