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Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Time and tide wait for no man.

Leave it to the British tabloids to snap a shockingly unglamorous paparazzi photo of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger while vacationing with his toothsome wife and kiddies in Hawaii.
Should I have put two and two together over these last several years of excessive man tan usage and amateurishly dyed hair?
According to the Daily Mail:

Friends say the Austrianborn former strongman has never fully recovered his once-startling physique since an operation to repair faulty heart valves in 1997.
Critics blame the cardiac problems on his admitted use of steroids while bulking up for bodybuilding contests 20 years ago.

I seriously doubt this story will be republished by the corporate press in thier role as America's guardians of Republican mythology.
The photo is just too unsettling and conclusive proof that Arnie's physique won't be back.
I'm reminded of Jack Lalanne.
If Arnie still wants to prove his nongirly manliness, might I suggest a stunt from the Lalanne handbook?
Yup, the Governor should handcuff himself and swim across some large body of water.
Until that time it might be wise for the Governor to reconsider his popular stump speech Girly Man putdown.

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